“Helping people use their experience to learn new skills and consolidate what they already know”

Client: medium-sized voluntary organisation

The brief

To provide training on appraisals.

My approach

The organisation already had a good supervision system in place, and a clear policy and guidelines on appraisal so we agreed a set of learning outcomes based on developing their managers’ knowledge, skills and confidence in carrying out the appraisal meetings. Elements to include in the training were: preparing for the appraisal, using the paperwork, facilitating the discussion, giving feedback and what to consider when developing a learning plan for the next year.

I carried out a simple learning needs analysis with participants by questionnaire, using this information to design the training course. The subsequent one-day training blended discussion, presentations, reflection and action planning with a focus on participants trying things out with feedback.

The outcome

At the end of the training, participants completed an assessment themselves and I collated a short report to help the organisation work out any further training needed. Everyone reported a marked increase in their knowledge and confidence.

Client: Large Housing Association

The brief

To develop the association’s capacity to offer in-house training. The prospective trainers already knew the subject but not how to design and run training.

My approach

We discussed the options and agreed that I would run a bespoke non-accredited training for trainers programme (accreditation would have been possible but a day longer).

I developed the programme around David Meir’s[1] accelerated learning cycle with four phases of training – preparation, presentation, practice and performance. This shaped the course and gave participants a framework for running future training.

I provided pre-course work and two days training.  On day three, participants ran their sessions with feedback. After a month I sent follow up materials. I provided telephone/email support throughout.

The outcome

In-house trainers gained the skills, knowledge and a method for developing in-house training. In-house training moved from being presentation focused to learning focused with good results.

[1] The Accelerated Learning Handbook. McGraw Hill

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