Team Building

“Developing effective teams with staff working well together to provide good services”

Client: small team whose interpersonal problems were impeding their work

The brief

To improve working relations and productivity.

My approach

I conducted one-to-one interviews to identify problems and gain commitment from each team member for my intervention and then developed a plan.

Each member undertook a MiRo behavioural mode assessment online which generated both an individual and a team profile. (The MiRo tool breaks through the mysteries of team performance and helps people to understand the self, others and the team dynamic.)

I used various techniques to help the process flow constructively, spending two days with the team using the Miro individual and team profiles. At the end of the first day, everyone went home with an individual report and the option of a one-to-one session.  On day two, I supported them to envision how they would like the team to be and we jointly planned how to get from the current reality towards the vision. The team created and took responsibility for the solution.  By the end of the two days, team members better understood and respected each other’s work style and behaviour and recognised the effects of behaviour on each other. We met again six weeks later to review progress.

The outcome

The team is much more focused and effective.

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