Organisational development

“Helping organisations develop capacity”

Client: large voluntary organisation working with vulnerable people

The brief

The organisation wanted to develop and strengthen staff supervision which was not working well: sessions cancelled; managers taking different approaches; written notes inconsistent.  The aim was to help the organisation provide the best possible support to its clients by having well-supported and supervised staff.

My approach

In partnership with the organisation, I designed a supervision process to manage performance and maintain accountability, provide support and development and encourage reflective practice.  I then developed a new supervision policy and supporting paperwork; trained all managers and supervisors in supervision (at the same time testing out and refining the paperwork); and provided follow-up telephone coaching to help them implement the new process, celebrate their successes and sort out any problems.

But, to work fully, supervisees also needed some attention; and new managers would need trained after my job was done.  So, I worked with a small group of staff and we developed a number of courses for them to run in-house. We also spent time developing their training skills. The new trainers then ran the training courses. I sat in on the initial one but after than they ran with it themselves; to start with, in pairs.

I facilitated their first trainer support meeting but after that they were running it all themselves.

The outcome

Staff understand and are committed to supervision. They are well-managed, accountable and supported to do their job in a thoughtful way. This supports the organisation in providing a good service to its users (and its staff). In addition the organisation now has three more very competent and creative trainers.

The organisation has been using this model successfully for several years.

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