Customer Comments

A few quotes from my customers about their experiences of working with me.

Susan McWalter, manager of voluntary organisation

“My supervision with Beth was fantastic. She allowed me uniterrupted quality space to think about my practice, and build on my theory.  Beth was an excellent supervisior who encouraged and enabled me to develop my everyday practice and ideas. Beth has supported me to develop as a manager, and the sessions were thought provoking and enjoyable.”

Helen Bayne, Director of Human Resources, Link Group

“Beth has helped out with a number of projects for Link and we’ve been delighted with the quality of service and training Beth has delivered.

One of the distinguishing things about Beth is the preparation she puts in to understanding the brief which allows her to design training that’s tailored specifically to meet requirements.  Her professionalism, good humour and inclusive approach have all been factors in the extremely positive evaluations of Beth’s work.  We’d be more than happy to work with Beth again in the future.”

Geraldine Howley, VAMW Care, Motherwell

“Beth delivers support and supervision training to all of our staff and the management team.  She does an exceptional job of capturing the detail, spirit and importance of support and supervision with our staff, and she makes her training a fun experience even for those who are anxious about attending training events.  Her skills, passion and enjoyment of this subject area shine through and this is reflected in the feedback and experiences of the groups she has worked with.”

“It has been a pleasure working with Beth over the years and we look forward to maintaining and developing this relationship well into the future.  No matter what we throw at her, she takes it in her stride and delivers. Her service is superior and she is always available to us for support and advice.”

Heather Coady, Edinburgh

“Beth is incredibly organised and thorough in her approach and balances this extremely well with her warmth, creativity and ability to engage on a personal level. I loved working with her and made significant changes in my work and personal life as a result. I continue to use the ‘tools’ she equipped me with – they have been invaluable and helped me to continue to get to the places I want to go.”

Shelagh Dillon, Felicitas Coaching and Training

“Having attended Beth’s training for trainers three-day course two years ago, I have great pleasure and no hesitation in recommending her. Beth’s course was professionally presented fast-paced – a fun and entertaining learning experience. Beth is great at building confidence in new trainers and developing their existing skills whilst introducing new skills and ideas. There is a lot to learn on the course and she provides myriad additional resources yet none of the participants felt overwhelmed, only inspired to get out there and start training. Since undertaking the course I have launched my own freelance HR and management skills training consultancy and still refer frequently to material from it. I would happily choose Beth’s services again.”

Michele Corcoran, manager, Edinburgh Women’s Aid

“Beth easily understood what was needed from the Away day and found creative ways to bring issues into the open in a positive manner so that they did not hinder the work. The day was well planned, productive and ensured everyone was able to participate.”

Lami Mulvey, Edinburgh Carers Council

Beth devised our supporting the supporters training pack. Her research was meticulous, her writing was clear and non-jargon, her approach was innovative and the result was a pack which was commended by all participants in the training and by all who have seen it.

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